Smart Buildings

Guide to an Integrated IoT System

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Creating a Smart Building Ecosystem

As innovation in the Internet of Things (IoT) space continues to expand, so does the utilization of IoT data in the facility management of smart commercial buildings.

With integrated Smart Building technology you can improve asset, production, and facilities management, as well as enhance workplace safety solutions. Artificial Intelligence (AI), edge computing, and high resolution are already in the smart security systems for enterprises, and offer benefits like object classification, face recognition, body detection, environmental monitoring, automated access management, and people counting. They help solve challenges in operational efficiency, safety, cost of maintenance, occupancy, and the protection of assets.

  • Building Entry Systems

    Building entry systems significantly enhance the efficiency of authorizing access to personnel, visitors, and anyone else entering a location. Learn more about the components, types, challenges, and key features surrounding access control.
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  • Integrated Surveillance Systems

    Learn how top organizations are integrating video surveillance cameras and door access control systems to simplify physical security management with a unified solution.
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  • Guide to IoT Smart Sensors

    Modern IoT smart sensors can detect and measure vape smoke, noise, humidity, temperature, chemicals, particulate matter, and more. From server room monitoring to product quality assurance, learn the use cases across each industry.
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  • School Lockdowns with Verkada Access Control

    Learn how schools are using Verkada access control and hybrid-cloud technology to keep schools more safe and secure.
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