Securing the System

Explore the security components and infrastructure that can help protect a surveillance system from emerging threats.

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Prevent Vulnerabilities with a Secure System Infrastructure

Video surveillance plays a key role in protecting people and property, but what provisions are in place to protect your system from cyberthreats?

Physical and data security breaches are some of the top threats that organizations face. A web search for “security camera hacked” turns up 16.6 million results. To protect your system from vulnerabilities, having a thoughtfully designed security infrastructure is ground zero.

Some common risks and vulnerabilities seen in video surveillance systems include:

  • Outdated software and firmware
  • Insecure video storage
  • Insecure video transmission
  • Inbound device access and open ports
  • Lack of proactive downtime alerts
  • Single point of failure; no data redundancy
  • Unsafe remote access

Taking adequate measures to protect against emerging threats begins with the system architecture - starting from hardware, network, cloud, and application security. Learn more about what infrastructure can be put in place to enhance the security of an overall system.

  • Hardware Security

    Certain hardware features can help protect your surveillance camera from tampering, theft, and vandalism. Learn what components to look for in order to secure your camera.
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  • Network Security

    From servers and hardware to databases and software, learn how to protect your network from vulnerabilities that represent entry points for malicious actors.
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  • Firmware & App Security

    From penetration testing to multi-factor authentication, identify best practices for securing your surveillance camera on a firmware and application level.
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