Perimeter Security

Guide to Physical Intrusion Detection and Prevention

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What is Physical Perimeter Security?

Physical perimeter security includes the systems and technologies that protect people, property, and assets within a facility by detecting and preventing unauthorized intrusions. There are 5 key principles behind 5D perimeter security design:

1. Deter

The objective of perimeter security is to deter malicious actors from attempting the intrusion in the first place. With video surveillance technology integrated with perimeter alarms and access control, organizations have real-time visibility into unusual or suspicious activity, with can be verified remotely by professional monitoring or a virtual guard.

2. Detect

With detection, perimeter security’s objective is to monitor and catch unauthorized intrusions in real-time. Video surveillance technology, especially high-resolution security cameras, can be leveraged to accurately identify breaches and notify security personnel – especially with the ability to digitally or optically zoom in to the area where intrusion was detected.

4. Deny

The “deny” perimeter keeps unauthorized persons out, while allowing authorized persons to enter. To perform this function, the deny perimeter typically has access control technology or a monitored security gate at the point of entry. The intention of surveillance at this point is to provide video verification to door entry system.

5. Delay

The “delay” perimeter’s purpose is to offset an active intrusion. Video security cameras can be used inside the “delay” perimeter to provide situational awareness and postpone the intrusion long enough for authorities to respond.

6. Defend

The “defend” perimeter is typically the physical security or professional monitor response to intrusion alerts. Surveillance is leveraged to decide the efficacy of the security response. This final line of defense often includes police or law enforcement.

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