Comparing Security Systems

Explore the pros, cons, and trade-offs of different types of surveillance solutions available on the market today.

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Comparison Guide to Surveillance Solutions

Whether you are evaluating vendors for your organization or researching cameras out of curiosity, delving into the state of modern surveillance technology is no small feat. From video storage to camera types, there are a plethora of security solutions available on the market today. Despite the breadth of work required to research features and compare options, this is perhaps the most important step in finding the right surveillance system to meet your current and future needs. A thorough exploration of the solutions landscape may be daunting, but will ultimately reveal hidden costs and opportunities to benefit you in the long run.

To help you in your research, side-by-side overviews of commonly compared systems are listed below. Comparisons include an audit of the specifications and requirements needed for each system, as well as an analysis of the pros, cons, differences, and trade-offs. The hope is to provide you with a clear understanding of trade-offs in order to shorten and simplify the decision-making process.

  • DVR vs. NVR

    What are the differences between setting up a digital video recorder (DVR) vs. network video recorder (NVR)? Here are the pros, cons, and differences between them.
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  • Bullet vs. Dome Camera

    When is it best to use a bullet vs. a dome camera? Discover the use cases and distinctions between the two most popular types of security cameras deployed in large-scale surveillance systems.
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  • Wired vs. WiFi vs. Wireless Security Cameras

    What are the pros, cons, and differences between WiFi, wireless, and traditional wired security cameras? Learn the challenges and advantages of each.
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  • PTZ vs. Fisheye vs. Multi-Sensor Cameras

    What are the differences between pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ), fisheye, and multi-sensor security cameras? Here are the pros, cons, and distinctions between the three types of cameras.
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  • Door Entry Methods for Access Control

    Discover the pros and cons of different types of door entry methods for access control: key cards and FOBs, keypad and PIN readers, smartphone mobile credentials, keyless smart locks, and biometrics.
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  • How Frame Rate & Shutter Speed Impact Video Playback

    Understand the difference between frame rate and shutter speed and how they impact video quality. Learn how to choose the right settings for your surveillance camera to capture the best possible footage.
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  • STP vs. UTP

    Learn how shielding impacts performance, where STP shines, and when to opt for cost-effective UTP. Make the right cable decision for your security system.
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  • Plenum vs. Riser Cables

    Explore the primary differences between Plenum and Riser cabling options.
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