Smart Building Technology and Security Systems

Learn about the state of the physical security market to determine the best solution to manage and protect your facilities.

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Choosing the Right Building Security System

The increasing profile of the IoT expands the possibilities for smart sensor, building access, and security camera systems. Not only are they an effective means for corrective and detective security control, but also a preventative tool to monitor physical spaces. Discover what options are available, and strategically identify a solution that scales with evolving security needs.

  • Video Storage

    Determining what method of video storage makes the most sense for your organization can help narrow down the type of security camera that’ll best fit your needs. Learn more about local, hybrid cloud, and cloud video storage.

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  • Security Cameras

    When it comes to protecting your business, choosing the right security camera system is essential in keeping your staff, assets, and property safe. Explore the major types of commercial-grade security cameras, common use cases, and more.

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  • Industry Solutions

    Across all enterprise applications, reliable video security acts as an effective resource for incident resolution, as well as a deterrent that proactively thwarts threats before they occur. Discover the benefits of security cameras systems across different industries.

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  • Surveillance System Features

    With the modernization of video surveillance technology in recent years, security camera systems offer increasingly advanced and cutting-edge capabilities. Find answers to FAQs and gain an understanding of the features that contribute to a smart, secure, and scalable surveillance system.

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  • Comparison Guide

    Whether you’re conducting independent research or evaluating vendors, side-by-side comparisons can be a helpful resource in understanding hidden costs, needs, opportunities, and trade-offs. Compare the pros and cons of each solution to shorten and simplify the decision-making process.

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  • Security Infrastructure

    To protect a system from vulnerabilities, having a thoughtfully designed security infrastructure is ground zero. Learn what modern hardware, network, cloud, and application security solutions help keep data secret and safe.

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  • COVID-19 Use Cases

    From hospitals and grocery stores, to restaurants and schools, both essential and nonessential organizations are prioritizing safety and security during COVID-19 and the shelter-in-place order. Identify the most common use cases for utilizing video surveillance technology to solve challenges.

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  • Smart Buildings

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is redefining every aspect of a building, from how it’s constructed to how people use the space, and how it’s managed. Explore how IoT smart building technology can improve security and streamline business operations through an integrated management system, asset optimization, and a focus on occupant safety.

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  • Door Access Systems

    Learn the basics of controlling access to key doors in your facility. From authentication to authorization, physical access control is critical part of securing properties and assets. With the right door entry system in place, you can quickly and remotely verify users’ identities and provision them with the permissions they need for building access.

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  • IoT Smart Sensors

    With the evolution of the IoT space, smart sensor technology offers new level of visibility and insight into building management—including the collection of environmental data such as air quality index (AQI), temperature, humidity, particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, motion, noise, smoke and vapor levels. Explore how IoT sensors are used to optimize building management, operational efficiency, and the use of physical spaces.

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  • Perimeter Security

    Controlling entry to restricted areas using door access systems, role-based provisioning, user credentials, and other measures are key aspects of protecting physical spaces for commercial security. For corporate businesses and enterprises with larger security footprints, the ability to detect and mitigate perimeter threats is critical in securing people, assets, and privacy.
    To achieve this level of security, many organizations deploy an intrusion detection system (IDS) or intrusion prevention system of some form.

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